David was born in Baltimore and raised in Pasadena, MD. His mother (Millie) started grooming him early on with different styles of music. The Platters, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters just to name a few. His Uncle John introduced him to Kiss at the age of 8. David started to listen to The Beatles, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd, Cheap Trick, Queen and would always sing along to his favorite songs. 

   At Lake Shore Elementary School he auditioned as a soloist for the choir and much to his suprise he made the cut. In 7th grade his parents bought him a guitar and amp and he started playing his first instrument. While in choir his music director (Ms. Kranning) took notice of his musical ability and David soon started backing up the choir on guitar. His first performance was at the 8th grade talent show. The band didn't have a name but it included Jeremy Windrider on Drums, Mike Boyle on Guitar, John Schmidt on Bass and David on Guitar. David's father (Al) had purchased a Fender Super Reverb amp and a Gibson SG for making the honor roll 3 markin periods in a row.
When David entered Chesapeake High School he quickly joined the Stage Band and continued to work with the middle school choir. His experience expanded outside of school, he played many back yard parties and middle school  dances.  His first bands were Medusa, and Strange News. After Strange News he was asked to join 2 Much which included Dean Watkins, Rob Rood, Rob Bertholdt, Chad Boston and Jim Talley.
After graduating high school at the age of 17, David, Rob Rood, and Jim Tally, recruited Ross Hancock and Neil Rentuma to round out the final lineup for HYJYNX. HYJYNX played many clubs in the tristate area such as Jaxx, Hammerjacks, The Bayou, The Power Plant, The Network. HYJYNX shared the stage with acts like The Ravyns, KIX, Pat Travers, and Child's Play. HYJYNX came to an end in 1988 everyone parted and went there separate ways.
David took sometime off and concentrated on developing his skills vocally. He auditioned for Imposter in 1990 and that is where he met Lenny Walls and George Dimitri. Lenny, George and David played together for a few years, then David got a call from Frank Engel an old band mate from HYJYNX. Frank was in need of a guitar player with vocal ability and David was his first and last phone call. David would play in Skyline until 1999, many players came and went including George but the band continued to work steady.
Year end of 1999 David folded Skyline and debuted his new band Messenger. His new band mates were Sharon Sharp, Paul George, and Scott Tydings. Frank Engel and Dean Watkins would take a few turns in the band before the band folded in 2003. David had been struggling with health issues for a few years and welcomed a needed break. David did join Imposter for a few shows in 2004. During this time is where David met Dawn Van Jones. Soon after he decided to retire with more then 20 years in the business.
In August of 2010 David ran into an old friend and former band mate Ron Ferrer. Ron had played bass in the high school stage band and in Skyline with David. David always considered Ron the consumate professional and enjoyed sharing the stage with him. Ron said he was looking for a guitar player and asked David if he was available. David was in the process of putting a band together which included longtime friend Larry Parsons. Ron had already recruited Mykel Jewell and Russ Amy. After many attempts and schedule conflicts David and Larry decided to part ways. David called Lenny Walls to play drums and the rest is history.
The band members agreed on the name Radio Graffiti. Light man and sign artist Mike Babinec developed the logo. The new sign was hung in Ron's basement and rehearsals began. The very first song that the band rehearsed was Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. David said "it was like striking gold".
Lenny Walls, retired and put down his sticks on August 2, 2014. Rick Fleischmann  joined RG in the summer of 2014. Ron Ferrer retired year end of 2014, Eric Forste joined the band in January 2015. Dawn Van Jones joined the band Spring 2016. The set list continues to be as diverse as the talent. Everyone is having a blast and can't wait to play a venue near you.
David uses Mesa Boogie Amps. PRS, Fender, Gibson and Ernie Ball Guitars. A selection of Boss, Xotic, Barber, Wampler, Line 6 and Real McCoy pedals.