Eric Forste has played bass for over 30 years, influenced by a wide variety of musical styles including rock and pop, contemporary and alternative folk, classical and jazz.
     Eric began playing violin at age four. By high school he was playing bass as part of the orchestra program, and was fortunate to have the honor of performing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Then he found electric bass, and began a lifetime love of rhythm as a member of the Anne Arundel Community College jazz band.
     He attended Washington College in Chestertown, MD where the musical highlights included rocking out on the roof with his band of brothers "The Sacred Cows" and hosting open mic nights and jam sessions at Newt's bar and grill. Nicknamed "Bull" or sometimes just "Bassman" he found that jamming with strangers was a great way to practice!  Soon he also found himself singing lead vocals, jumping on the drums, and occasionally leading the charge at the campfire on guitar.