Rick Fleischmann was born in Baltimore, Maryland. At a very early age he developed an interest in music and began playing the drums at age 8. His earliest influences were the styles of Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, and John Bonham. During his public school years, he played in various rock groups comprised of students his own age, but soon caught the eye of a group of college students interested in his ability. Soon after, Rick began his professional path to music at age 16 playing weddings, dances, and private affairs.                                                                                                                            

          In 1983, Rick was introduced to a new circle of musicians that formed the group Crysis, which performed for several years playing mostly hard rock and heavy metal music. Although a huge fan of metal music, his drumming influences soon changed, and exposure to the more progressive bands like Rush, Genesis, Kansas, Yes and the Police pushed him to improve on his instrument. After  having little success pursuing this musical directions, and with an industry moving in a new directions, Rick joined the Top 40 band Vital Signs that challenged him to play a variety of styles, even venturing back to his youth playing the wedding circuit.
          After several years of bouncing from one project to another, Rick was given the opportunity to fill a vacant seat in the Baltimore based, neo prog band Iluvatar in 1995, giving the opportunity to pursue a more challenging percussive direction. After a number of regional shows with the group, Rick can be heard on several live tracks on the bands “Sideshow” cd released in 1996, and can be viewed on you tube performing with the group.

        After scaling down the music to raise a family, Rick spent several years in a freelance capacity filling in wherever needed with many local Baltimore bands, playing various styles of music. In 2012, after realizing his true love for music as a whole, in various forms and styles, he joined the Baltimore band Poehemia, playing the local club circuit. Being very familiar with Radio Graffiti, Rick jumped at the opportunity given to join this group of highly talented, highly motivated musicians, focused on the highest level of performance and entertainment.
Rick plays Baltimore Drum Co. drums, Paiste cymbals and Roland electronic